Cinema Politica supports and screens alternative, independent, and radical political film and video. We privilege works that feature under-represented subjects and tell stories that confront and challenge the status quo. We work with artists who dare to tell stories from the margins, and all our streaming revenues are split with these fierce filmmakers.

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  • Banking Nature

    1 video

    Sandrine Feydel & Denis Delestrac ∙ 2015 ∙ France ∙ 88'

    This film is a provocative documentary that looks at the growing movement to monetize the natural world—and to turn endangered species and threatened areas into instruments of profit.

    It's a worldview that sees capital and markets not as a...

  • Gift
    1 video


    1 video

    Directed by Robin McKenna ∙ 2018 ∙ Canada ∙ 89'

    Inspired by Lewis Hyde’s beloved classic The Gift: Creativity and the Artist in the Modern World, GIFT is a richly cinematic film, interweaving character-driven stories. On North America’s Pacific Northwest Coast, a young Indigenous man undertakes ...

  • Continuons à aller plus loin ensemble!

    1 video

    Réalisé en partenariat avec le Mouvement des personnes handicapées pour l'accès aux services (PHAS) ∙ 2018 ∙ Canada ∙ 59'

    Le mouvement de défense des droits des personnes en situation de handicap et leurs proches est né au Québec dans les années 70, dans la foulée des mobilisations des autres gr...

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