The b.h. Yael Collection

The b.h. Yael Collection

b.h. Yael is an acclaimed Toronto based filmmaker, video and installation artist whose singular work combines non-linear and hybrid forms, merging the autobiographical with documentary perspectives. Yael's work has dealt with issues of identity, authority and family structures, while at the same time addressing the fragmentary nature of memory and belonging, and religious and secular narratives of apocalypse.

In CP On Demand's exclusive collection, Yael delves into generational memories and collective amnesia surrounding the Israeli colonization of Palestine. Through an intimate and artistic lens, Yael also turns her lens inward, interpreting the complex layers of Arab-Jewish identity and its cultural expressions, as well as the political intersections of family and protest in Québec.

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 The b.h. Yael Collection
  • Fresh Blood, A Consideration of Belonging

    Directed by b.h. Yael ∙ 1996 ∙ Canada

    FRESH BLOOD, A CONSIDERATION OF BELONGING is a hybrid documentary or video essay which includes questions around Arab Jewishness, negotiating Palestine, gender, bellydancing and memory. This video essay, formed by personal narrative and including a return to...

  • (of)fences

    Directed by b.h. Yael ∙ 2002 ∙ Canada

    In the context of the Summit of the Americas in Quebec City, in April 2000, a group of filmmakers and video artists came together to consider the repercussions of free trade and to collaborate on a project that resulted in “Blah, Blah, Blah. (Re)Viewing Queb...

  • In The Middle Of The Street

    Directed by b.h. Yael ∙ 2002 ∙ Canada

    The loss of individual lives in Israel/Palestine as a result of the Israeli occupation is too much for any of us to comprehend at this point. The number of injuries and the psychic toll is even greater. We do not see the full picture. Most often the perspe...

  • Even in the Desert

    Directed by b.h. Yael ∙ 2006 ∙ Canada

    EVEN IN THE DESERT is a personal reportage focusing on concrete actions by Israelis, Palestinians and international activists working together in the face of and against current agendas to displace Palestinians and to limit their movements. The video travels...

  • a hot sandfilled wind

    Directed by b.h. Yael ∙ 2006 ∙ Canada

    A HOT SANDFILLED WIND is a 13-minute lyrical piece, based on a poem by Nadia Habib. An appeal for recognition against despair, it emphasizes that beyond the politics of occupation, Israelis and Palestinians live in proximity, side by side.


  • Deir Yassin Remembered

    Directed by b.h. Yael ∙ 2006 ∙ Canada ∙ 28'

    DEIR YASSIN REMEMBERED considers the repercussions of a largely forgotten massacre of almost 100 Palestinians in 1948. The massacre at Deir Yassin was pivotal to Palestinian dispossession. Though Deir Yassin has been partially acknowledged by Israelis...

  • Ken, Tov, Beseder

    Directed by b.h. Yael ∙ 2010 ∙ Canada

    KEN, TOV, BESEDER is a constructed short narrative piece, both allegorical and literal. A Palestinian man working in his garden in West Jerusalem is interrupted. The phone rings as he walks out of his home, through Jerusalem streets, past the Damascus gate, ...

  • Trading the Future

    Directed by b.h. Yael ∙ 2008 ∙ Canada

    TRADING THE FUTURE is a video essay that questions the inevitability of apocalypse and its repercussions on environmental urgencies. Starting with a personal memory, the fear of the rapture, the video addresses the Christian narrative for the end of times, a...

  • Lessons for Polygamists

    Directed by b.h. Yael ∙ 2017 ∙ Canada

    Employing animation and collage, LESSONS FOR POLYGAMISTS takes place inside the diary of an adolescent girl growing up in a polygamous household. She lists the lessons she would convey to Dad, if only she could.

    Every teenager knows better than the adults i...