Migrant Justice

  • Breath Anew


    Directed by Andrew Chiu ∙ 2018 ∙ Canada ∙ 11'

    150 years in the future, an American refugee is forced to leave her life behind – seeking a different way of life from the technologically advanced society she has grown up in. As she journeys along this new underground railroad, she reflects on her ...

  • The Valley


    Directed by Nuno Escudiero ∙ 2019 ∙ Italy - France ∙ 76'

    High in the French Alps, on the border between Italy and France, African migrants fleeing war, poverty and political persecution risk their lives crossing dangerous mountain routes. Witnessing the increasing influx of refugees, local commu...

  • I Am Rohingya: A Genocide in Four Acts


    Directed by Yusuf Zine & Kevin Young ∙ 2018 ∙ Canada ∙ 84'

    I AM ROHINGYA: A GENOCIDE IN FOUR ACTS chronicles the journey of fourteen refugee youth who take to the stage to re-enact their families' harrowing experiences in Burma and beyond. This story chronicles their journey before, during, and ...

    Movie + 1 extra


    Movie + 1 extra

    Directed by Set Hernandez Rongkilyo ∙ 2019 ∙ USA ∙ 24'

    COVER/AGE examines the lack of healthcare access for undocumented immigrants in California, and how two undocumented individuals are advocating to fight this exclusion. One protagonist is Emma, an elderly Philipina caregiver, who has spent o...

  • Another News Story


    Orban Wallace ∙ 2017 ∙ United Kingdom ∙ 84'

    ANOTHER NEWS STORY goes 'behind the scenes' of the news crews reporting on the refugee story at the height of the European crisis. It takes the viewer to the other side of the camera and inspires us to re-evaluate our relationships with the global med...

  • Ghosts


    Directed by Morvary Samare ∙ 2009 ∙ Canada ∙ 53'

    Three Arab-Canadian men, holding Canadian citizenship, are detained and tortured for months in Syria and Egypt. Upon their release, they return to Canada struggling to find answers as to why they were detained and tortured. An internal inquiry in...