Religion and Spirituality

  • Aisheen (Still Alive in Gaza)


    Directed by Nicolas Wadimoff • 2009 • Switzerland - France - Qatar • 85'

    Shot a few weeks after the end of Israel’s January 2009 offensive, this sensitively crafted doc captures the human suffering and devastation wrought on Gaza’s Palestinian residents as they struggle daily to survive. “Where ...

  • They Were Promised the Sea


    Directed by Kathy Wazana ∙ 2013 ∙ Canada - United States - Morocco - Israel ∙ 74'

    A lyrical, musical, polemical road movie, THEY WERE PROMISED THE SEA is an intimate journey shot in Morocco, Israel and Palestine, and New York. Writer and filmmaker Kathy Wazana's research into her family origins ...

  • The Kalasha and the Crescent


    Directed by Iara Lee ∙ 2013 ∙ Pakistan - United States ∙ 13'

    Rumoured to be the descendants of Alexander the Great, the Kalash people have in fact inhabited northern Pakistan's Chitral Valley long before the legendary conqueror came to the region. They uphold a rich cultural heritage with polyth...

  • Polyland


    Directed by Dáša Raimanova and Zofia Brom ∙ 2018 ∙ Poland ∙ 71'

    How does it feel to be Black, LGBTQ+ or Muslim in Poland? POLYLAND gives a voice to three strong female characters from different minorities in Poland and explores the nuances of how it feels to be Black, Muslim or LGBTQ+ in the mos...

  • Deir Yassin Remembered


    Directed by b.h. Yael ∙ 2006 ∙ Canada

    DEIR YASSIN REMEMBERED considers the repercussions of a largely forgotten massacre of almost 100 Palestinians in 1948. The massacre at Deir Yassin was pivotal to Palestinian dispossession. Though Deir Yassin has been partially acknowledged by Israelis, many ...

  • Even in the Desert


    Directed by b.h. Yael • Canada • 2006 • 32'

    EVEN IN THE DESERT is a personal reportage focusing on concrete actions by Israelis, Palestinians and international activists working together in the face of and against current agendas to displace Palestinians and to limit their movements. The video t...

  • A hot sandfilled wind


    Directed by b.h. Yael ∙ 2006 ∙ Canada • 16'

    A HOT SANDFILLED WIND is a 13-minute lyrical piece, based on a poem by Nadia Habib. An appeal for recognition against despair, it emphasizes that beyond the politics of occupation, Israelis and Palestinians live in proximity, side by side.


  • Silhouette City


    Directed by Michael W. Wilson and Natalie Zimmerman ∙ 2009 ∙ United States ∙ 88'

    As Trump’s election in 2016 had shown, right-wing fascist groups cannot be considered as fringe and peripheral in the U.S., easily discounted for their extremism and small numbers. SILHOUETTE CITY couldn’t be more r...

  • God's Will


    Directed by Beata Bubenec ∙ 2014 ∙ Russia ∙ 55'

    Dmitry "Enteo" Tsorionov—a former neo-Buddhist who has become an ardent, self-styled defender of Orthodox values—riveted public attention after performing several eccentric actions on himself, vandalizing public art exhibitions and disrupting a Pri...

  • Fresh Blood, A Consideration of Belonging


    Directed by b.h. Yael ∙ 1996 ∙ Canada

    FRESH BLOOD, A CONSIDERATION OF BELONGING is a hybrid documentary or video essay which includes questions around Arab Jewishness, negotiating Palestine, gender, bellydancing and memory. This video essay, formed by personal narrative and including a return to...

  • Kivitoo: What They Thought of Us


    Director Zacharias Kunuk • 2018 • Canada • Inuktut • 43'

    In 1963 families living on the land at Kivitoo were relocated by RCMP to Qikiqtarjuaq, a town 50 km to the south, with the promise they could return, only to return to find their homes bulldozed and belongings destroyed. Combining archival...