The Environment

The Environment

Image credit: If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front

The Environment
  • Power


    Directed by Magnus Isacsson • 1995 • Canada • 78'

    When Hydro-Québec announced its intention to proceed with the enormous James Bay II hydroelectric project, the 15,000 Cree who live in the region decided to stand up to the giant utility. With unprecedented access to key figures like Cree leader ...

  • Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change


    Zacharias Kunuk • 2010 • Canada • Inuktut • 54'

    Nunavut-based director Zacharias Kunuk (Atanarjuat The Fast Runner) and researcher and filmmaker Dr. Ian Mauro (Seeds of Change) have teamed up with Inuit communities to document their knowledge and experience regarding climate change. This new doc...

  • Salmon Confidential


    Directed by Twyla Roscovich • 2013 • Canada • 69'

    In light of the recent extension of Salmon farm licenses in British Columbia, Cinema Politica On Demand highlights this important documentary by Twyla Roscovich. SALMON CONFIDENTIAL is about the Canadian government's cover up of what is really ki...

  • KONELĪNE: Our Land Beautiful


    Directed by Nettie Wild ∙ 2016 ∙ Canada ∙ 96'

    More than 1,000 miles by road from Vancouver, British Columbia, or 130 miles east of Juneau, Alaska by air, the traditional lands of the Tahltan First Nation encompass the majestic Stikine River, ancient glaciers, tiny communities and magnificent vis...

  • Just Do It: A Tale of Modern Day Outlaws


    Directed by Emily James ∙ 2011 ∙ United Kingdom ∙ 90'

    JUST DO IT lifts the lid on climate activism and the daring troublemakers who have crossed the line to become modern-day outlaws. Documented over the course of a year, Emily James’ film follows these activists as they blockade factories, atta...

  • Hands On: Women, Climate, Change


    Directed by Liz Miller, Nupur Basu, Mary Kiio, Iphigénie Marcoux-Fortier, and Karen Winther ∙ 2014 ∙ Canada ∙ 48'

    This collaborative documentary offers unique perspectives on climate change and environmental activism across cultures and generations, from a young woman challenging the expansion o...

  • We Might Have Been Heroes


    Directed by Andrés Salas-Parra ∙ 2018 ∙ Canada ∙ 20'

    In the year 2020 all untapped minerals in the bowels of the earth were diluted and transformed into poisonous gasses by the Aqua Regia Storm. Expelled through every open pit mine on the planet, the gas leak killed around 80 percent of the tota...

  • a's'katikl awti'l


    Directed by Bretten Hannam ∙ 2018 ∙ Canada ∙ 8'

    150 years into the future the province of Nova Scotia has mostly been abandoned by settler descendants, leaving behind a legacy of abandoned buildings and homes. As the Mi’kmaw People reclaim their territory and work to remove the toxic technology...

  • The Ceremony
    Movie + 1 extra

    The Ceremony

    Movie + 1 extra

    Directed by Taina Da Silva & Becca Redden ∙ 2018 ∙ Canada ∙ 16'

    Two young warrior siblings, Vim and Hax, are living in a post-apocalyptic world caused by climate change. For 150 years, the air has not been breathable for humans. As such, their whole community lives in high tech homes to keep th...

  • Breath Anew


    Directed by Andrew Chiu ∙ 2018 ∙ Canada ∙ 11'

    150 years in the future, an American refugee is forced to leave her life behind – seeking a different way of life from the technologically advanced society she has grown up in. As she journeys along this new underground railroad, she reflects on her ...

  • A Right to Eat


    Directed by Janelle Wookey and Jérémie Wookey ∙ 2015 ∙ Canada ∙ 49'

    With a jug of milk ringing in at over $14 in some of Northern Manitoba's lowest income communities, it’s not difficult to imagine how grocery bills can account for up to 80% of the household budget or why diabetes rates have hit...

  • Revolutionary Medicine: A Story of the First Garifuna Hospital


    Beth Geglia and Jesse Freeston ∙ 2013 ∙ USA - Canada - Honduras ∙ 40'

    Could a remote hospital that runs on solar panels, in a community without paved roads or electricity, provide a global model for health care? Since arriving in Honduras in 1797, the Garifuna people have struggled against exclu...

  • Above All Else


    Directed by John Fiege ∙ 2017 ∙ United States ∙ 95'

    One man risks his family and future to stop the tar sands of the Keystone XL pipeline from crossing his land. Shot in the forests, pastures, and living rooms of rural East Texas, ABOVE ALL ELSE follows David Daniel, a retired high-wire artist ...

  • Amazon Voices: In The Heart of Native American Resistance


    Directed by Lucile Alemany and Lamia Chraibi ∙ 2015 ∙ Ecuador - France ∙ 52'

    In Sarayaku, Yasuni and Lago Agrio—Ecuadorian regions devastated by the Chevron Texaco corporation—several Indigenous Kichwa communities are still trying to make their voices heard in a long struggle against oil fields...

  • Be... Without Water


    Directed by Rob Turgeon ∙ 2011 ∙ Canada ∙ 43'

    Twenty eight concerned citizen groups are demanding that a moratorium be placed on billion-dollar shale gas operations until the “infant industry” methods are proven to be safe.

    BE... WITHOUT WATER depicts the controversial nature of fracking, and ...

  • END: CIV


    Directed by Franklin López ∙ 2011 ∙ Canada ∙ 115'

    END:CIV examines our culture’s addiction to systematic violence and environmental exploitation, and probes the resulting epidemic of poisoned landscapes and shell-shocked nations. Based in part on Endgame, the best-selling book by Derrick Jensen...

  • The Good Neighbour


    Directed by Astrid Schau-Larsen ∙ 2014 ∙ Canada - Norway ∙ 59'

    THE GOOD NEIGHBOUR takes a closer look at the environmental and social effects of living near the Canadian oil sands in Alberta.

    Statoil, a major oil company primarily owned by the Norwegian government (and thus the Norwegian peopl...

  • Between Midnight & the Rooster's Crow


    Directed by Nadja Drost ∙ 2005 ∙ Canada ∙ 66'

    In the aggressive search for the 'black gold' that drives Western economies, multinational corporations are working to extract billions of dollars of value from oil reserves from beneath Ecuador's rainforest. BETWEEN MIDNIGHT AND THE ROOSTER'S CROW i...

  • Sweet Crude
    Movie + 2 extras

    Sweet Crude

    Movie + 2 extras

    Directed by Sandy Cioffi ∙ 2009 ∙ USA ∙ 93'

    Beginning with the filmmaker’s initial trip to document the building of a library in a remote village, SWEET CRUDE is a journey of multilayered revelation and ever-deepening questions. It’s about one place in one moment, with themes that echo many plac...