• Making Utu


    Directed by Gaelene Preston • 1982 • New Zealand • 48'

    MAKING UTU is a making of documentary filmed on the set of New Zealand's first epic, Utu, produced with little money and dealing respectfully with matters of cultural protocol. “It’s like football innit? You set up the event and cover it…” s...

  • Utu Redux


    Directed by Geoff Murphy ∙ 1983 ∙ New Zealand ∙ 118'

    Meaning retribution, Utu takes an unflinching look at the British colonial presence in the country during the 1870s. Te Wheke, a scout and guide for the British army, comes across his village, wiped out in a massacre by the British. He deserts...

  • Just Do It: A Tale of Modern Day Outlaws


    Directed by Emily James ∙ 2011 ∙ United Kingdom ∙ 90'

    JUST DO IT lifts the lid on climate activism and the daring troublemakers who have crossed the line to become modern-day outlaws. Documented over the course of a year, Emily James’ film follows these activists as they blockade factories, atta...

  • American Radical: The Trials of Norman Finklestein


    Directed by David Ridgen & Nicolas Rossier ∙ 2010 ∙ United States ∙ 89'

    A devoted son of Holocaust survivors, ardent critic of Israel and U.S. policy toward the Middle East, and author of five provocative books, including The Holocaust Industry, Norman Finkelstein has been steadfast at the cente...

  • We Might Have Been Heroes


    Directed by Andrés Salas-Parra ∙ 2018 ∙ Canada ∙ 20'

    In the year 2020 all untapped minerals in the bowels of the earth were diluted and transformed into poisonous gasses by the Aqua Regia Storm. Expelled through every open pit mine on the planet, the gas leak killed around 80 percent of the tota...

  • a's'katikl awti'l


    Directed by Bretten Hannam ∙ 2018 ∙ Canada ∙ 8'

    150 years into the future the province of Nova Scotia has mostly been abandoned by settler descendants, leaving behind a legacy of abandoned buildings and homes. As the Mi’kmaw People reclaim their territory and work to remove the toxic technology...

  • The Ceremony
    Movie + 1 extra

    The Ceremony

    Movie + 1 extra

    Directed by Taina Da Silva & Becca Redden ∙ 2018 ∙ Canada ∙ 16'

    Two young warrior siblings, Vim and Hax, are living in a post-apocalyptic world caused by climate change. For 150 years, the air has not been breathable for humans. As such, their whole community lives in high tech homes to keep th...

  • Breath Anew


    Directed by Andrew Chiu ∙ 2018 ∙ Canada ∙ 11'

    150 years in the future, an American refugee is forced to leave her life behind – seeking a different way of life from the technologically advanced society she has grown up in. As she journeys along this new underground railroad, she reflects on her ...

  • Happy Birthday, Marsha!


    Directed by Tourmaline and Sasha Wortzel ∙ 2018 ∙ United States ∙ 14'

    Combining archival footage with dramatic re-enactment, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARSHA! is a film about iconic Black transgender artist and activist, Marsha "Pay it No Mind" Johnson and her life in the hours before she ignited the 1969...

  • Fresh Blood, A Consideration of Belonging


    Directed by b.h. Yael ∙ 1996 ∙ Canada

    FRESH BLOOD, A CONSIDERATION OF BELONGING is a hybrid documentary or video essay which includes questions around Arab Jewishness, negotiating Palestine, gender, bellydancing and memory. This video essay, formed by personal narrative and including a return to...

  • 3000 Nights


    Directed by Mai Masri ∙ Palestine, France, Jordan, Lebanon ∙ 2015 ∙ 103'

    Inspired by a true story and shot in a real prison by acclaimed Palestinian filmmaker Mai Masri, 3000 NIGHTS traces a young mother’s journey of hope, resilience and survival against all odds. Accused of helping a teenage bo...

  • The Valley


    Directed by Nuno Escudiero ∙ 2019 ∙ Italy - France ∙ 76'

    High in the French Alps, on the border between Italy and France, African migrants fleeing war, poverty and political persecution risk their lives crossing dangerous mountain routes. Witnessing the increasing influx of refugees, local commu...

  • A Right to Eat


    Directed by Janelle Wookey and Jérémie Wookey ∙ 2015 ∙ Canada ∙ 49'

    With a jug of milk ringing in at over $14 in some of Northern Manitoba's lowest income communities, it’s not difficult to imagine how grocery bills can account for up to 80% of the household budget or why diabetes rates have hit...

  • KONELĪNE: Our Land Beautiful


    Directed by Nettie Wild ∙ 2016 ∙ Canada ∙ 96'

    More than 1,000 miles by road from Vancouver, British Columbia, or 130 miles east of Juneau, Alaska by air, the traditional lands of the Tahltan First Nation encompass the majestic Stikine River, ancient glaciers, tiny communities and magnificent vis...

  • Revolutionary Medicine: A Story of the First Garifuna Hospital


    Beth Geglia and Jesse Freeston ∙ 2013 ∙ USA - Canada - Honduras ∙ 40'

    Could a remote hospital that runs on solar panels, in a community without paved roads or electricity, provide a global model for health care? Since arriving in Honduras in 1797, the Garifuna people have struggled against exclu...

  • Blockade


    Directed by Nettie Wild ∙ 1994 ∙ Canada ∙ 90'

    A 22,000 square mile tract of land in northern British Columbia is the site of an explosive set of competing ownership claims. In 1984, the Gitxsan people launched a land claim for the entire area, claiming it as unceded Indigenous territory. But si...

  • Sweet Crude
    Movie + 2 extras

    Sweet Crude

    Movie + 2 extras

    Directed by Sandy Cioffi ∙ 2009 ∙ USA ∙ 93'

    Beginning with the filmmaker’s initial trip to document the building of a library in a remote village, SWEET CRUDE is a journey of multilayered revelation and ever-deepening questions. It’s about one place in one moment, with themes that echo many plac...

  • I Am Rohingya: A Genocide in Four Acts


    Directed by Yusuf Zine & Kevin Young ∙ 2018 ∙ Canada ∙ 84'

    I AM ROHINGYA: A GENOCIDE IN FOUR ACTS chronicles the journey of fourteen refugee youth who take to the stage to re-enact their families' harrowing experiences in Burma and beyond. This story chronicles their journey before, during, and ...

  • We Are Wisconsin


    Directed by Amie Williams ∙ 2012 ∙ United States ∙ 105'

    WE ARE WISCONSIN is a feature documentary that follows the day-to-day unfolding of public outcry against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s controversial budget-repair bill, focusing on the human story behind a remarkable popular uprising fo...

    Movie + 1 extra


    Movie + 1 extra

    Directed by Set Hernandez Rongkilyo ∙ 2019 ∙ USA ∙ 24'

    COVER/AGE examines the lack of healthcare access for undocumented immigrants in California, and how two undocumented individuals are advocating to fight this exclusion. One protagonist is Emma, an elderly Philipina caregiver, who has spent o...

  • Health Factory


    Directed by Håvard Bustnes ∙ 2010 ∙ Norway ∙ 58'

    Governments apply models taken from business corporations in order to improve our health care systems. The goal is to get more health for the money spent, based on the presumption that private corporations are more efficient and less wasteful than...

  • Manic
    Movie + 1 extra


    Movie + 1 extra

    Directed by Kalina Bertin ∙ 2017 ∙ Canada ∙ 84'

    MANIC chronicles filmmaker Kalina Bertin’s struggle to make sense of the legacy of mental illness that is shaping her siblings’ lives. Convinced that her father holds a key piece of the puzzle, she sets out to find the truth about him, and discover...

  • Above All Else


    Directed by John Fiege ∙ 2017 ∙ United States ∙ 95'

    One man risks his family and future to stop the tar sands of the Keystone XL pipeline from crossing his land. Shot in the forests, pastures, and living rooms of rural East Texas, ABOVE ALL ELSE follows David Daniel, a retired high-wire artist ...

  • Amazon Voices: In The Heart of Native American Resistance


    Directed by Lucile Alemany and Lamia Chraibi ∙ 2015 ∙ Ecuador - France ∙ 52'

    In Sarayaku, Yasuni and Lago Agrio—Ecuadorian regions devastated by the Chevron Texaco corporation—several Indigenous Kichwa communities are still trying to make their voices heard in a long struggle against oil fields...

  • Anarchronicles: Chronicles of a Libertarian Movement


    Directed by Karine Rosso and Fernando Garcia Blanes ∙ 2011 ∙ Canada ∙ 85'

    An entirely independent production, ANARCHRONICLES relates the experience of various militant anarchists from Québec, who represent different sides of this varied, ever-expanding and evolving political movement. Drawing fr...

  • The Art of Resistance


    Directed by Alexandra Guité ∙ 2007 ∙ Canada

    Argentina’s troubled history, culminating in the major crisis of 2001, has seen the rise of a wave of original artistic and cultural expression. This documentary introduces us to several creators and artist collectives who use artistic expression as a ...

  • Another News Story


    Orban Wallace ∙ 2017 ∙ United Kingdom ∙ 84'

    ANOTHER NEWS STORY goes 'behind the scenes' of the news crews reporting on the refugee story at the height of the European crisis. It takes the viewer to the other side of the camera and inspires us to re-evaluate our relationships with the global med...

  • Bad Girl


    Directed by Marielle Nitoslawska ∙ 2001 ∙ Canada ∙ 58'

    How does the media influence the development of sexual identities, and how might representations of sexuality change the way we understand it? The male-dominated, multi-billion dollar mainstream pornography industry recreates a restrictive ...

  • Berta Didn't Die, She Multiplied!


    Directed by Sam Vinal ∙ 2017 ∙ Honduras - United States ∙ 29'

    In Honduras, the most dangerous country in the world to be a land defender, the assassination of world renowned environmental activist Berta Cáceres has not silenced the many campesinas and campesinos fighting for justice and Indigen...

  • Between Midnight & the Rooster's Crow


    Directed by Nadja Drost ∙ 2005 ∙ Canada ∙ 66'

    In the aggressive search for the 'black gold' that drives Western economies, multinational corporations are working to extract billions of dollars of value from oil reserves from beneath Ecuador's rainforest. BETWEEN MIDNIGHT AND THE ROOSTER'S CROW i...

  • Be... Without Water


    Directed by Rob Turgeon ∙ 2011 ∙ Canada ∙ 43'

    Twenty eight concerned citizen groups are demanding that a moratorium be placed on billion-dollar shale gas operations until the “infant industry” methods are proven to be safe.

    BE... WITHOUT WATER depicts the controversial nature of fracking, and ...

  • Black Men Loving


    Directed by Ella Cooper ∙ 2014 ∙ Canada ∙ 27'

    BLACK MEN LOVING upends the stereotypical images of Black men as violent, aggressive and hyper-sexualized, to the extent that it seems, as one father in Ella Cooper's film says: “Black men loving is political” and “almost radical”. We are taken into ...

  • The Blockade


    Directed by Igor Bezinovíc ∙ 2012 ∙ Croatia ∙ 93'

    THE BLOCKADE portrays the largest, longest and most politically significant student protest in Croatia since 1971, which started in April 2009 at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Zagreb. Offering a unique view fr...

  • Burkinabè Rising


    Directed by Iara Lee ∙ 2017 ∙ Burkina Faso - United States ∙ 72'

    BURKINABÈ RISING: THE ART OF RESISTANCE IN BURKINA FASO showcases creative nonviolent resistance in Burkina Faso. A small, landlocked country in West Africa, Burkina Faso is home to a vibrant community of artists and engaged citize...

  • The Caretakers


    Directed by David Goldberg ∙ 2017 ∙ Canada ∙ 39'

    Exploring the fragile dynamic between settler activists and Indigenous land and water defenders, THE CARETAKERS articulates the effects of colonization on the environment and Indigenous peoples. Looking in particular at the anti-Kinder Morgan blo...

  • Continuons à aller plus loin ensemble


    Produit par le Mouvement des personnes handicapées pour l’accès aux services (PHAS), réalisé en collaboration avec Funambules Médias ∙ 2018 ∙ Canada ∙ 59'

    Le mouvement de défense des droits des personnes en situation de handicap et leurs proches est né au Québec dans les années 70, dans la foulé...

  • Continuous Journey


    Directed by Ali Kazimi ∙ 2004 ∙ Canada ∙ 87'

    In 1914, Gurdit Singh, a Sikh entrepreneur based in Singapore, chartered a Japanese ship known as the Komagata Maru to carry Indian immigrants to Canada. On May 23, 1914, the ship arrived in Vancouver Harbour with 376 passengers aboard: 340 Sikhs; 24...

  • The Corporation - 10th Anniversary Cut

    Movie + 1 extra

    A film by Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbot, and Joel Bakan ∙ 2003 ∙ Canada ∙ 121'

    Provocative, witty, stylish and sweepingly informative, this film explores the nature and spectacular rise of the dominant institutions of our time. THE CORPORATION has transformed audiences and dazzled critics with its...

  • Crude Gold: Gran Colombia Gold


    Directed by Monica Gutierrez ∙ 2015 ∙ Colombia - Canada ∙ 10'

    The story of how gold producer Gran Colombia Gold came to be formed is the story of abuses of power against a worker's union as the rightful owner of the mine. The story takes place in Segovia, a town in Colombia's mountainous state ...

  • Crude Gold: The Case of Eco Oro


    Directed by Monica Gutierrez ∙ 2015 ∙ Colombia ∙ 9'

    Colombia's Santurban Páramo has become an example of a successful community struggle to protect water sources. Lawyers, community leaders and activists united to mobilize and demand the protection of natural resources threatened by Vancouver-b...

  • Cultures of Resistance


    Directed by Iara Lee ∙ 2011 ∙ Brazil - United States ∙ 73'

    In 2003, on the eve of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, acclaimed filmmaker Iara Lee embarked on a journey to better understand a world increasingly embroiled in conflict and, as she saw it, heading for self-destruction. After several years, t...

  • Diversidad: A Road Trip to Deconstruct Dinner


    Directed by Jean-Marc Abela and Stefan Verna ∙ 2012 ∙ Canada

    From the waterfronts of Vancouver to the mountaintops of Mexico, this journey lifts the veil of idealism. They discover the challenges and hardships of organic farmers. They see that for a lot of inner city families do not have access ...

  • Durga


    Directed by Paramita Nath ∙ 2012 ∙ Canada ∙ 11'

    The colourful and joyous festival of Durga Puja (Durgotsava) is one of the largest religious festivals in India, in honour of the goddess Durga. While the goddess of protection, motherhood and war is celebrated, millions of Indian women live anothe...

  • East Hastings Pharmacy


    Directed by Antoine Bourges ∙ 2012 ∙ Canada ∙ 47'

    EAST HASTINGS PHARMACY is a chronicle of a typical pharmacy in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, where most clients are on a treatment for opioid dependence that requires taking daily doses of methadone witnessed by the pharmacist. The pharmacy is a...

  • END: CIV


    Directed by Franklin López ∙ 2011 ∙ Canada ∙ 115'

    END:CIV examines our culture’s addiction to systematic violence and environmental exploitation, and probes the resulting epidemic of poisoned landscapes and shell-shocked nations. Based in part on Endgame, the best-selling book by Derrick Jensen...

  • En la casa, la cama y la calle


    Directed by Liz Miller ∙ 2013 ∙ Canada ∙ 35'

    EN LA CASA, LA CAMA Y LA CALLE follows an inspiring Nicaraguan women's rights group, Puntos de Encuentro, as it works to end sexual violence at home, in bed, and in the streets through a powerful blend of mainstream media and grassroots organizing.


  • Ghosts


    Directed by Morvary Samare ∙ 2009 ∙ Canada ∙ 53'

    Three Arab-Canadian men, holding Canadian citizenship, are detained and tortured for months in Syria and Egypt. Upon their release, they return to Canada struggling to find answers as to why they were detained and tortured. An internal inquiry in...

  • Fix: The Story of an Addicted City


    Directed by Nettie Wild ∙ 2002 ∙ Canada ∙ 93'

    In this documentary, a group of Vancouver, British Columbia, activists, led by former computer salesman Dean Wilson, lead the charge to curb the city's drug problem and high HIV rate by opening North America's first safe-injection site. Surprisingly,...

  • God's Will


    Directed by Beata Bubenec ∙ 2014 ∙ Russia ∙ 55'

    Dmitry "Enteo" Tsorionov—a former neo-Buddhist who has become an ardent, self-styled defender of Orthodox values—riveted public attention after performing several eccentric actions on himself, vandalizing public art exhibitions and disrupting a Pri...

  • Golden Dawn: A Personal Affair


    Directed by Angélique Kourounis ∙ 2016 ∙ Greece - France ∙ 90'

    Journalist Angélique Kourounis has been delving for years into the organization of the Greek neo-Nazi party known as Golden Dawn. Members of this fascist organization have organized rallies, intimidated and beaten journalists, and co...

  • The Good Neighbour


    Directed by Astrid Schau-Larsen ∙ 2014 ∙ Canada - Norway ∙ 59'

    THE GOOD NEIGHBOUR takes a closer look at the environmental and social effects of living near the Canadian oil sands in Alberta.

    Statoil, a major oil company primarily owned by the Norwegian government (and thus the Norwegian peopl...

  • Grass


    Directed by Ron Mann ∙ 2000 ∙ Canada ∙ 80'

    GRASS examines the federal marijuana regulations in the United States, and how these laws have influenced public perceptions of the drug. Narrated by noted pot advocate and actor Woody Harrelson, the film opens with a series of comically outdated anti-...

  • Gulabi Gang


    Directed by Nishtha Jain ∙ 2012 ∙ Norway - India - Denmark ∙ 96'

    Nishtha Jain's fierce documentary follows the true story of activist Sampat Pal and the legendary women's vigilante group known as the Gulabi Gang. Never without a healthy dose of humour, this is a deeply humane film that is truly...

  • United in Anger: A History of ACT UP


    Directed by Jim Hubbard ∙ 2012 ∙ United States ∙ 90'

    UNITED IN ANGER: A HISTORY OF ACT UP is a unique feature-length documentary that combines startling archival footage and interviews that put the audience on the ground with the activists of the ACT UP Oral History Project. Filmmaker John Hubba...

  • Hands On: Women, Climate, Change


    Directed by Liz Miller, Nupur Basu, Mary Kiio, Iphigénie Marcoux-Fortier, and Karen Winther ∙ 2014 ∙ Canada ∙ 48'

    This collaborative documentary offers unique perspectives on climate change and environmental activism across cultures and generations, from a young woman challenging the expansion o...

  • Honour Your Word


    Directed by Martha Stiegman ∙ 2013 ∙ Canada ∙ 59'

    HONOUR YOUR WORD draws us into the lives of two young Indigenous leaders: Marylynn Poucachice, a mother of five, and Norman Matchewan, the soft-spoken son and grandson of traditional chiefs from the Algonquins of Barriere Lake First Nation.


  • The Hand that Feeds


    Directed by Rachel Lears and Robin Blotnick ∙ 2014 ∙ United States ∙ 84'

    In THE HAND THAT FEEDS, shy sandwich-maker Mahoma Lopez unites a group of undocumented immigrant co-workers to fight the abusive conditions at a popular New York restaurant chain. The epic power struggle that ensues turns a...

  • Julio of Jackson Heights


    Directed by Richard Shpuntoff ∙ 2016 ∙ United States - Argentina

    On the night of July 2, 1990, three young men in the neighborhood of Jackson Heights went out armed with a claw hammer, a plumber’s wrench and a kitchen knife, hunting for “a gay guy to stretch out.” After deciding not to attack a ...

  • The Kalasha and the Crescent


    Directed by Iara Lee ∙ 2013 ∙ Pakistan - United States ∙ 13'

    Rumoured to be the descendants of Alexander the Great, the Kalash people have in fact inhabited northern Pakistan's Chitral Valley long before the legendary conqueror came to the region. They uphold a rich cultural heritage with polyth...

  • Kettle


    Directed by Lucius Dechausay ∙ 2015 ∙ Canada ∙ 15'

    "Kettling" is a police tactic used to control large crowds during protests. Officers surround the crowd from all sides, pushing them together into a smaller area. In many cases, a person's only means of exiting the kettle is through arrest.