• A Place Called Chiapas


    Directed by Nettie Wild ∙ 1998 ∙ Canada

    On January 1 1994, the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN), made up of impoverished Mayan Indians from the state of Chiapas, took over five towns and 500 ranches in southern Mexico. The Government deployed its troops, and at least 145 people died in ...

  • A Red Girl's Reasoning


    Directed by Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers ∙ 2012 ∙ Canada

    After the (in)justice system fails the survivor of a brutal, racially-driven sexual assault, she becomes a motorcycle-riding, ass-kicking vigilante who takes on the attackers of other womyn who've suffered the same fate. A RED GIRL'S REASONING...

  • Polyland



    Directed by Dasa Raimanova ∙ 2018 ∙ Poland

    How does it feel to be black, LGBTQ+ or Muslim in Poland? POLYLAND gives a voice to three strong female characters from different minorities in Poland and explores the nuances of how it feels to be black, Muslim or LGBTQ+ in the most homogeneous country...

  • Resistencia: The Fight for the Aguan Valley


    The film follows farmers of the fertile Aguan Valley, who responded to 2009 military coup that ousted President Manuel Zelaya by taking over 10,000 acres of palm oil plantations under illegal control of the most powerful man in the country, Miguel Facuss̩. The farmers established co-ops on the la...

  • Rhythms of Resistance


    Directed by Jason O'Hara ∙ 2015 ∙ Canada - Brazil

    Rio de Janeiro introduces a controversial policing program (UPP) in the favelas. The Police murder two young boys in cold blood, another officer protests, disappears, and is found murdered hours later. Artists in the communities resist against po...

  • Riots Reframed


    Directed by Fahim Alam ∙ 2013 ∙ United Kingdom

    This film takes the viewer through a journey that begins in Tottenham, London - where Mark Duggan was shot dead by police - and spirals out to a broader and deeper look into the role of police, power, racism, government, prison, resistance and more...

  • Roadsworth: Crossing the Line


    Directed by Alan Kohl ∙ 2008 ∙ Canada

    Over a period of three years, the stencil artist Peter Gibson, aka Roadsworth, made his mark on Montreal in the early hours of the morning by launching a self-described "attack on the streets." Armed with spray paint and handmade stencils, he began to play w...

  • A Rustling of Leaves: Inside Philippine Revolution


    Directed by Nettie Wild ∙ 1988 ∙ Canada

    This film offers a remarkable behind-the-frontlines look at the aftermath of the anti-Marcos “Yellow Revolution” that brought Corazon Aquino to power in the Philippines in 1986. Shot over eight months, often in dangerous conditions, the film chronicles th...

  • Silhouette City


    Directed by Michael W. Wilson and Natalie Zimmerman ∙ 2009 ∙ United States

    As Trump’s election has shown, rightwing fascist groups cannot be considered fringe and periphery groups easily discounted for their extremism and small numbers. SILHOUETTE CITY couldn’t be more relevant as it compellingl...

  • Stolen



    Directed by Kawennahere Devery Jacobs ∙ 2016 ∙ Canada

    STOLEN is a dramatic short film that follows troubled, 14-year old, Shayna Hill as she is admitted and runs away from her group-home. Roughly inspired by the recent murders and attacks on Native girls, it is a small glimpse into a typical Nat...

  • Special Flight


    Directed by Fernand Melgar ∙ 2016 ∙ Switzerland

    In 1994 the Swiss approved a law authorizing the detention of all foreigners in an irregular situation until they are expelled. Every year, a purely administrative decision has thousands of men and women imprisoned up to 24 months before their expu...

  • Street Politics 101


    Directed by Franklin Lopez ∙ 2013 ∙ Canada

    In the spring of 2012, a massive student strike in opposition to a tuition hike, rocked the streets of the Montréal for over six months. Protests and militant street actions became part of the daily and nightly reality of this Canadian metropolis. Sever...

  • The Take

    The Take


    Directed by Avi Lewis ∙ 2003 ∙ Canada

    The documentary opens in suburban Buenos Aires, where thirty unemployed auto-parts workers walk into their idle factory, roll out sleeping mats and refuse to leave. All they want is to re-start the silent machines. But this simple act - The Take - has the po...

  • They Were Promised the Sea


    Directed by Kathy Wazana ∙ 2013 ∙ Canada - United States - Morocco - Israel

    A lyrical, musical, polemical road movie, this film is an intimate journey shot in Morocco, Israel-Palestine, and New York. Kathy Wazana's research into her family origins in Morocco unleashed a complex web of questions ...

  • Transgender Parents


    Directed by Rémy Huberdeau ∙ 2014 ∙ Canada

    This is a film about love, life and kids after a gender transition. It shares the struggles and strengths of several trans women and trans men navigating different stages of parenting: from pregnancy, through raising infants, toddlers and teenagers.


  • Wal-Town: The Film


    Directed by Sergeo Kirby ∙ 2006 ∙ Canada

    Six student activists. Thirty-six Canadian towns. One giant corporation. A daunting experiment in activism. A group of six university students, calling themselves Wal-Town, take to the Canadian highway over two summers. Armed with thousands of pamphlets a...

  • What Would Jesus Buy?


    Directed by Rob Van Alkemade ∙ 2017 ∙ United States

    From producer Morgan Spurlock (SUPER SIZE ME) and director Rob VanAlkemade comes a serious docu-comedy about the commercialization of Christmas. Bill Talen (aka Reverend Billy) was a lost idealist who hitchhiked to New York City only to find th...

  • Whose Streets?


    Directed by Sabaah Folayan ∙ 2019 ∙ United States

    Told by the activists and leaders who live and breathe this movement for justice, WHOSE STREETS? is an unflinching look at the Ferguson uprising.

    When unarmed teenager Michael Brown is killed by police and left lying in the street for hours, it...

  • You Never Bike Alone


    Directed by Robert Alstead ∙ 2007 ∙ Canada

    Cyclists are building critical mass in Vancouver, Canada, and changing the face of the city. This film charts the development of critical mass rides in Vancouver from the protest rides across the historic Lions Gate Bridge in the early to mid-Nineties, ...