Race and Racial Justice

  • The Return


    Directed by Hale Güzin Kızılaslan • 2015 • Turkey • 20'

    Memories and identities had long been eradicated or buried in Eastern Anatolia after the disappearance of its Armenian inhabitants; some managed to survive, but only secretly. THE RETURN tells one such story of confrontation, remembrance an...

  • Ngāti


    Directed by Barry Barclay • 1987 • English • 93'

    A boy is dying from leukemia; a young Australian doctor visits only to discover his hidden Māori heritage; the local freezing works are threatened to close down. Centered around the community of a small fictional Māori village in the late 1940s, t...

  • Kivitoo: What They Thought of Us


    Director Zacharias Kunuk • 2018 • Canada • Inuktut • 43'

    In 1963 families living on the land at Kivitoo were relocated by RCMP to Qikiqtarjuaq, a town 50 km to the south, with the promise they could return, only to return to find their homes bulldozed and belongings destroyed. Combining archival...

  • Bitter Paradise: The Sell Out of East Timor


    Directed by Elaine Brière • 1997 • Canada • 56'

    As Canadians we pride ourselves on our international reputation as peacekeeper and power broker. But there is a dark side to our foreign policy – a policy that encourages and subsidizes business and cultural ties with Indonesia, a country responsib...

  • Aisheen (Still Alive in Gaza)


    Directed by Nicolas Wadimoff • 2009 • Switzerland - France - Qatar • 85'

    Shot a few weeks after the end of Israel’s January 2009 offensive, this sensitively crafted doc captures the human suffering and devastation wrought on Gaza’s Palestinian residents as they struggle daily to survive. “Where ...

  • Te Rua


    Directed by Barry Barclay • 1991 • English • 105'

    A hundred years after the theft of three irreplaceable tribal carvings from New Zealand, two persevering Māori activists decide it’s time for ancient grievances to be put right. Rewi Marangai, a successful lawyer and Peter Huaka, a performance po...

  • The Cancer Journals Revisited


    Directed by Lana Lin • 2018 • United States • 98'

    THE CANCER JOURNALS REVISITED is prompted by the question of what it means to re-visit and re-vision Black lesbian feminist poet Audre Lorde’s classic 1980 memoir of her breast cancer experience today. At the invitation of filmmaker Lana Lin, who...

  • They Were Promised the Sea


    Directed by Kathy Wazana ∙ 2013 ∙ Canada - United States - Morocco - Israel ∙ 74'

    A lyrical, musical, polemical road movie, THEY WERE PROMISED THE SEA is an intimate journey shot in Morocco, Israel and Palestine, and New York. Writer and filmmaker Kathy Wazana's research into her family origins ...

  • Deir Yassin Remembered


    Directed by b.h. Yael ∙ 2006 ∙ Canada

    DEIR YASSIN REMEMBERED considers the repercussions of a largely forgotten massacre of almost 100 Palestinians in 1948. The massacre at Deir Yassin was pivotal to Palestinian dispossession. Though Deir Yassin has been partially acknowledged by Israelis, many ...

  • Even in the Desert


    Directed by b.h. Yael • Canada • 2006 • 32'

    EVEN IN THE DESERT is a personal reportage focusing on concrete actions by Israelis, Palestinians and international activists working together in the face of and against current agendas to displace Palestinians and to limit their movements. The video t...

  • A hot sandfilled wind


    Directed by b.h. Yael ∙ 2006 ∙ Canada • 16'

    A HOT SANDFILLED WIND is a 13-minute lyrical piece, based on a poem by Nadia Habib. An appeal for recognition against despair, it emphasizes that beyond the politics of occupation, Israelis and Palestinians live in proximity, side by side.


  • The Shirley Card


    Directed by Sonya Mwambu • 2017 • Canada • 3’

    Gesturing to the racial bias behind Kodak’s mid-century “Shirley Cards,” Mwambu brings deeply textured layers of Black artistry, history and the racial politics of popular culture.

    All proceeds generated from the streaming of this video are split be...

  • Black Men Loving


    Directed by Ella Cooper ∙ 2014 ∙ Canada ∙ 27'

    BLACK MEN LOVING upends the stereotypical images of Black men as violent, aggressive and hyper-sexualized, to the extent that it seems, as one father in Ella Cooper's film says: “Black men loving is political” and “almost radical”. We are taken into ...

  • The Little Black School House


    Directed by Sylvia Hamilton ∙ 2007 ∙ Canada ∙ 60'

    Shot on location in villages and cities in Ontario and Nova Scotia, THE LITTLE BLACK SCHOOL HOUSE unearths the untold story of the children, women, men who were students and teachers in Canada’s racially segregated schools.

    Sylvia Hamilton's do...

  • Haiti Betrayed

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    Directed by Elaine Brière ∙ 2020 ∙ Haïti ∙ 90'

    "We never had that democracy. It’s like putting a seed on the ground. We never see it grow because someone keeps on coming and steps on it."
 - Garry Auguste, former member, Haitian National Police

    As Canadians, we are told by politicians and the...

  • In Spring One Plants Alone


    Directed by Vincent Ward ∙ 1980 ∙ New Zealand ∙ 45'

    Outside the boundaries of state protection in Aotearoa (also known as New Zealand), an elderly mother carries the daily work of survival and looks after her mentally-ill son. Their world unfolds between the surrounding mountains and the pastora...

  • Breath Anew


    Directed by Andrew Chiu ∙ 2018 ∙ Canada ∙ 11'

    150 years in the future, an American refugee is forced to leave her life behind – seeking a different way of life from the technologically advanced society she has grown up in. As she journeys along this new underground railroad, she reflects on her ...

  • A Right to Eat


    Directed by Janelle Wookey and Jérémie Wookey ∙ 2015 ∙ Canada ∙ 49'

    With a jug of milk ringing in at over $14 in some of Northern Manitoba's lowest income communities, it’s not difficult to imagine how grocery bills can account for up to 80% of the household budget or why diabetes rates have hit...

  • I Am Rohingya: A Genocide in Four Acts


    Directed by Yusuf Zine & Kevin Young ∙ 2018 ∙ Canada ∙ 84'

    I AM ROHINGYA: A GENOCIDE IN FOUR ACTS chronicles the journey of fourteen refugee youth who take to the stage to re-enact their families' harrowing experiences in Burma and beyond. This story chronicles their journey before, during, and ...

  • Sweet Crude
    Movie + 2 extras

    Sweet Crude

    Movie + 2 extras

    Directed by Sandy Cioffi ∙ 2009 ∙ USA ∙ 93'

    Beginning with the filmmaker’s initial trip to document the building of a library in a remote village, SWEET CRUDE is a journey of multilayered revelation and ever-deepening questions. It’s about one place in one moment, with themes that echo many plac...

  • A Red Girl's Reasoning


    Directed by Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers ∙ 2012 ∙ Canada ∙ 10'

    After the Canadian legal system fails to serve justice for the survivor of a brutal, racially-driven sexual assault, an Indigenous woman becomes a motorcycle-riding, ass-kicking vigilante who takes on the attackers of other women who've ...

  • Blockade


    Directed by Nettie Wild ∙ 1994 ∙ Canada ∙ 90'

    A 22,000 square mile tract of land in northern British Columbia is the site of an explosive set of competing ownership claims. In 1984, the Gitxsan people launched a land claim for the entire area, claiming it as unceded Indigenous territory. But si...

  • Palestine Trilogy

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    PALESTINE TRILOGY is a series of three videos by b.h Yael (DEIR YASSIN REMEMBERED; EVEN IN THE DESERT; A HOT SANDFILLED WIND) that present Palestinian, Israeli and International activists who work together in various groups and projects that attempt to address the historic and contemporary reperc...

  • My Brooklyn


    Directed by Kelly Anderson and Allison Lirish Dean ∙ 2012 ∙ United States ∙ 76'

    This is a documentary about director Kelly Anderson’s personal journey, as a Brooklyn “gentrifier,” to understand the forces reshaping her neighbourhood along lines of race and class. The story begins when Anderson m...